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Beans with sauerkraut

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Beans with sauerkraut – a delicious easy Balkan dish. With the onset of winter, sauerkraut can be found in almost every home, with which you can prepare delicious and appetizing beans with cabbage. An extremely easy dish to prepare, but at the same time terribly appetizing.

Beans with sauerkraut

I can’t think of a person who doesn’t enjoy a delicious meal of white beans with tasty sauerkraut, perfect for winter evenings. Here is our recipe for its preparation, which is not at all complicated, in fact, quite the opposite.

Products and Ingredients for Beans with Sauerkraut

  • 500 g of boiled white beans (you can also use a ready-made jar of refried beans)
  • 700 g of sauerkraut;
  • paprika;
  • oil.

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Here’s how to make delicious sauerkraut beans

Boil the beans in advance, changing the water 2-3 times. Finely chop the sauerkraut and stew it in some cabbage broth and add water if the broth is more acidic. Cook the cabbage until soft.

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